The basic premise on which DevSecOps is implemented is to protect the applications from security risks and threats. Our team comprising of practice heads, architects come with deep expertise in DevSecOps implementation at enterprise level.

How Do We Help Our Customers With DevSecOps?
  • Intelligence Systems has built robust systems and processes for the implementation of DevSecOps
  • Security is at the heart of all our applications development and implementations
  • Some advanced tools we use are threat modeler, contact security, Kibana and Grafana
  • A strong team is built with all the tools and processes to meet the growing application security demands
  • Change management protocols, version controlling, identifying the security gaps, and creating a new production environment to address any security threat and mitigate it.
  • Our team provides the ability, speed, and agility to accelerate time to market
How Does It Benefit Our Customers?
  • Significant reduction in costs and time in detecting and eliminating security threats at the right time
  • Early identification of vulnerabilities and their elimination ensures speedy deployments
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication between team enables eliminating vulnerabilities on time and improving efficiency levels
  • Elimination of all security threats at the development stage propels productivity with no downtime
  • Business continuity ensured even in a pandemic situation