Cloud Services

Businesses all over the world are adjusting to uncertain times through process automation to ensure business continuity. Cloud Transformation is at the top of the list.Cloud Transformation is at the core of the overall Digital Transformation ecosystem. And as a part of our Digital Transformation practice, we make sure the entire process – Ideate, Plan, Architect, Migrate, Manage – is executed by deep domain experts with proven track record of successful implementations

How Do We Help Our Customers With Cloud Services?
  • We help our customers with end to end cloud migration and transformation
  • We excel in on-premise to cloud for Azure, AWS, and Salesforce
  • Formulate Analytics of Alternates (AoA) for cloud migration detailing specific requirements, efficiency, and cost-savings
  • We go methodically by establishing goals, formulating the security strategy, data migration planning, switch production and business continuity
  • We help services models such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Single or multi-cloud environment options are explored based on specific customer requirements
How Does It Benefit Our Customers?
  • Enhanced operational efficiency, cost reduction
  • Data Security, Scalability, Mobility and Control
  • Disaster Recovery and competitive edge 
  • Fewer infrastructure requirements reduced operational costs
  • Enhanced data security, auto data backups with log metrics
  • Applications run at greater speed enriching customers’ digital experience
  • Speed, scale, and agility in customer services with less downtime
  • Greater collaboration among employees and all stakeholders